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For a Global Financial Service Provider

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Services: Offers a wide range of financial services including asset management, retirement planning, and stock brokerage.

Market Presence: Operates across North America and Europe, serving over one million clients.

Innovation Focus: Committed to adopting cutting-edge technology to stay ahead in a competitive market.

Revenue: $10 billion in annual revenue as of 2023.


A leading global financial services provider, specializing in investment management and brokerage services, faced operational bottlenecks caused by manual and disjointed processes in client account management and transaction handling. The company sought a solution to streamline these processes, reduce errors, and improve client satisfaction without disrupting ongoing operations.

Our Approach

The financial firm partnered with to implement a tailored workflow automation solution. Despite being in the early stages of product development, brought a fresh approach to integrating AI with existing financial processes.

The solution involved:

  • Custom Solution Development: Building a bespoke automation framework capable of integrating with the client’s legacy systems.
  • Process Mapping and Redesign: Analyzing current workflows to identify inefficiencies and redesigning them for automation.
  • Iterative Implementation: Rolling out the solution in phases, allowing for continuous feedback and system enhancements based on real-world use.


40% increase in process efficiency, significantly reducing the time needed for account setups and transaction processing.

Achieved a 60% decrease in processing errors due to automation of repetitive tasks.

Improved response times and accuracy boosted overall client satisfaction ratings.

Solution Architecture

Onegen Automation Engine: Developed to specifically address the unique needs of financial services workflows, integrating seamlessly with the firm’s database and CRM systems.

Data Flow Management: Ensured smooth and secure data transfer between internal and external systems, maintaining compliance with stringent financial regulations.

User Interface: Provided a user-friendly dashboard for employees to oversee automated processes and intervene when necessary.

Project Highlights’s flexible platform allowed for customization to fit the specific operational needs of the financial firm.

The solution was designed to scale, supporting additional
processes and departments as needed.

Continuous improvement was facilitated by incorporating user feedback directly into system refinements.

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