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AI integration for Enterprises & Startups

Onegen specializes in integrating AI in products and processes for enterprises and startups


With us

Rapid integration

Ready to implement solutions giving you faster time-to-market

Zero infrastructure overhead

Security and privacy commitment

Auto-scaling capabilities, requiring no additional effort for growth and expansion

Seasoned AI experts with combined experience of 25 years.

Without us

Lengthy deployment of LLMs with significant manual intervention

Gradual integration resulting in slower time-to-market

High investment needed to implement and expand AI operations.

Significant in-house hardware and maintenance required.

Hiring highly skilled professional in AI, Data Science, and Cloud

Built with engineering leaders from


Onegen provides end-to-end AI integration services

Don’t let third-party AI models hold your critical data hostage. Regain control with Onegen’s custom solutions, ensuring your valuable information stays secure and safeguarded. Embrace true ownership over your AI operations – the key to long-term reliability and scalability without sacrificing privacy or competitive edge.

AI application development

Custom applications built from your data insights.

AI integration services

Integrate AI in your products, processes, and systems.

LLM training & deployment

Training and deployment of custom LLMs in just few weeks.

Need faster time-to-market? Explore ready to implement AI systems

No more spending months on a POC and hiring engineers.

AI integration for startups and enterprises


LLM development

Custom LLM training and fine-tuning for your specific use cases.

Generative AI solutions

AI-powered content generation for marketing, investments, and more.

AI assessment

Actionable recommendations to optimize data and AI/ML capabilities.

Predictive analytics

AI-driven forecasting and anomaly detection to optimize operations.

Data engineering

Scalable data pipelines and infrastructure to support your AI initiatives.

Custom AI applications

Your own custom AI powered applications that fit your specific requirements.

Unified data platform

Search-enabled knowledge base for enterpises from their existing communication and management tools. Your own generative AI that elevates your operational intelligence.
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Legal tech AI

LexAI is a streamlined AI solution for law firms, automating document review, drafting, case research, and client management to enhance efficiency and decision-making in legal practices.

Looking for a custom AI solution?

Stay ahead don’t get left behind in the AI adaptation. With us custom AI is within your reach. Act now, innovate, and lead.


Success stories


Why don’t I just use Open AI?

Customers we work with tell us that OpenAI has been great for demos and prototypes, but is not ready for prime-time when it comes to putting applications in production.

The primary concerns are cost, data privacy, and control/ownership of the ultimate model. Can you export the model code? No you can’t.

I can just hire engineers to train an open source llm?

Yes, you can but training an open source LLM takes a minimum of $500k to $1M and if you are a company who has large amounts of data it can go up to $10M and even $50M on top of everything it will take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to have your first poc ready.

Can custom LLMs adapt and scale with my business?

Our LLMs are built with scalability in mind, meaning they can expand in capacity and capabilities as your business grows. This flexibility ensures that the AI solutions remain effective and efficient over time, providing long-term value and supporting continuous business growth and change.

Will you use our data to fine-tune your models?

We do not fine-tune or train any of our models using your data.

Where will my data be stored and will it be secure?

The data is stored on our secure cloud with all the data being encrypted in transit and at rest. We are also in the audit process for ISO 27001, SOC2 Type2 and GDPR compliance.

If you have a requirement to store the data on your private cloud, kindly contact us at and we will respond within 24 hours.

What support does OneGen provide after deploying an LLM?

Post-deployment, OneGen offers comprehensive support to ensure your custom LLM continues to operate optimally. This includes regular updates, technical support, and ongoing improvements and refinements to the AI model. logo

From Zero to Ai with OneGen

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